“Let Arabs tell the truth” : Haaretz


By Bradley Burston

Case Number One:

Architect and political analyst Raed Jarrar lives in America. A year ago, he was in New York’s Kennedy Airport getting ready to board a plane back to his home in Oakland, California, when a federal Transportation Security Administration official told him he would not be allowed on the airliner unless he removed his shirt.

My heart goes out to Raed Jarrar and Debbie Almontaser and the multitude of Arabs and Muslims in America who on a routine basis are profiled, humiliated, stifled, and shunned

You may be thinking: bomb belt. But Jarrar had already passed two pre-boarding security inspections with no problem. The issue was not what was underneath his t-shirt, but what was on it.

In white letters on black, his shirt read “We will not be silent.” The real issue, it developed, was that the words were written in Arabic as well as English.  Read more…


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