How to Use This Website

Please check this page regularly for the latest website updates and additions. 

This website includes a number of articles, public statements and letters, video and audio resources related to the effort to support the Khalil Gibran International Academy against hurtful anti-Muslim and anti-Arab attacks.  Materials here include ones from Communities in Support of KGIA (the coalition), other non-coalition member supporters, blogs, and news sources.

We make updates on an ongoing basis.  If you encounter any problems with the site, please contact the webmaster.

FAQ: Using This Site

1. How can I read the latest news on KGIA?

Click the category News for all news items.  Click Articles to filter out only articles from newspapers and online news sources.

2. Where can I read statements of support?

Click the category KGIA Support to read public statements, as well as articles that do a great job of defending the school.

3. How can I see who has publicly supported KGIA?

Click here to see the latest statement of all organizational and individual endorsers.

 4. Where can I learn more about the opponents?

Click the category KGIA Opponents for our latest posts about those who are spreading misinformation about the school.  Many of the Articles include information on the opponents.  You can also visit their websites directly at Stop the Madrassa and Citizens for American Values in Public Education.

5. How can I show my support for KGIA?

Contact Communities in Support of KGIA in order to sign on as an organizational or indivial endorser.  Please specify which statement you want to sign, and include your organizational affiliation.


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