“Educators: Mayor Forced Arabic School Principal’s Exit” : New York Sun

April 3, 2008


Along with sobering new findings on Teach for America and the effect of smaller class sizes, the annual meeting of the American Educational Research Association in New York City produced a modest insurgency against Mayor Bloomberg that has resulted in the release of a letter accusing him of supporting “racial fear” and “anti-Arab prejudice.”

    1. The professors and educators are accusing Mr. Bloomberg of forcing Ms. Almontaser out and, in the process, supporting “a campaign of lies, racial fear, and anti-Arab prejudice.”

Thirty education professionals signed the single-spaced missive, including professors from at least 10 universities.

Their subject is Mr. Bloomberg’s relationship with the founding principal of an Arabic-language school in Brooklyn, Debbie Almontaser, who resigned her position last summer but now is saying — in a lawsuit that is pending trial after several twists and turns — that she was forced out. Read more…

Correction to story: Debbie Almontaser was not quoted in the Post saying anything about the t-shirts. What she was quoted about was the definition of the meaning of the word intifada and, in response to a question, that she did not believe the girls intended a Gaza-style uprising in NYC.

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