“Khalil Gibran Controversy Now Takes a New Form” : Daily Eagle

Parents Protest Plan To Move KGIA Students to P.S. 287

04-10-2008 by Mary Frost

BROOKLYN – Parents and community leaders from two Brooklyn schools – P.S. 287 and the Khalil Gibran International Academy (KGIA) – came together on the steps of City Hall Wednesday afternoon to express their mutual outrage over the Department of Education’s plan to move KGIA into the building already occupied by P.S. 287.

Parents from both schools claim the DOE “disrespected” their communities by “unilaterally” deciding to move KGIA into P.S. 287 without consulting parents or community representatives first.

“I and many other parents are planning to transfer our kids to other schools at the end of this school year if the Department of Education continues to neglect KGIA, but we do not want to leave the school,”

“The Department of Education told us, ‘We are the landlords,’” said Councilwoman Letitia James. “I guess what that means is we are the tenants.”

James said that both school communities were “fed up by the DOE’s lack of transparency when moving schools into the same building. I discovered KGIA was moving to P.S. 287 after the fact. Parents found out about it through the newspaper.” Read more…


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