“Times Article on Debbie Almontaser: A Turning Point for Former Principal?” : Brooklyn Daily Eagle

by Mary Frost


Continues Charge of Anti-Arab Racism

BROOKLYN — On Monday, the New York Times published an article by Andrea Elliott (“Critics Cost Muslim Educator Her Dream School”) exploring the tumultuous events surrounding Former Principal Debbie Almontaser and Brooklyn’s Khalil Gibran International Academy (KGIA), the first Arabic-themed public school in New York City.

When asked what she wished had been included in the Times’ article, she said, “I wish the New York Times had showed the grave injustice I’ve endured at the hands of the Department of Education.”

While this story has been long chronicled in the pages of the Brooklyn Eagle (with more than two dozen stories since February 2007) this is the first comprehensive exploration of the issues by New York City’s most influential daily.

On Monday, Ms. Almontaser told the Brooklyn Eagle that the article “is a long overdue opportunity to get the true story out and chronicle what’s been happening up to this point.”

As she awaits the outcome of her lawsuit against the city, she “remains hopeful that the mayor and chancellor will do the right thing. Read more…


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