Smearing Muslims

May 4, 2008

Eboo Patel

I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry when I read last week that Nelson Mandela was on the terrorism watch list.

At least Condeleeza Rice had the grace to call the situation “embarrassing”.

Daniel Pipes, who earns his living by making Americans scared of their Muslim neighbors, has no such decency.

I believe I stand with Debbie Almontaser, Nelson Mandela and the vast majority of humanity.  What side are you on, Mr. Pipes?

I suppose there is a case to be made for a file to exist somewhere in the national security apparatus with the name “Mandela” on it. After all, he did co-found an organization, Spear of the Nation, that carried out violent actions as part of the struggle against Apartheid in South Africa, albeit a half century ago.

When Pipes puts someone on one of his lists, it isn’t about what you did, however long ago. It is about who you are – especially if you are an Arab or a Muslim. The story of how he derailed Debbie Almontaser’s career is just the most recent egregious example.  Read more…


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