Same The Village Voice : “Time Next Year: Post Slams Arabic School with Recycled Source”

Posted by Roy Edroso

September 3, 2008

The New York Post reports that the Khalil Gibran International Academy isn’t doing so well. It has a total of just 90 students. Some might find this a welcome change from public school overcrowding, but the Post fault the previous “roller-coaster school year” and parents’ “discord with school Principal Holly Anne Reichert,” who took over after KGIA’s “former principal, Debbie Almontaser, resigned under pressure after failing to condemn ‘Intifada NYC’ T-shirts distributed by an organization with links to her.”

That controversy, readers may remember, was largely stirred by a massive Post press campaign against Almontaser.

The Post was kinder to Reichert when she began her term by blasting her predecessor, but later went after Reichert and the school, citing in January “a learning environment that some parents characterized as ‘chaotic,'” a charge with one named source, Muhammed Fakir, whose daughter Serena attended. A Post editorial repeated the parents-say-chaotic charge.  Read more…


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