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We are individuals and organizations from a multitude of communities and backgrounds, who have come together in support of the Khalil Gibran International Academy. Both the school and its founding principal, Debbie Almontaser, have endured a vicious anti-Arab and anti-Musllim smear campaign, which resulted in Ms. Almontaser’s forced resignation.

We believe that, had the school and Ms Almontaser received the support they deserved from the Department of Education (DOE), the Mayor, and the United Federation of Teachers (UFT) President, voices of racism and bigotry would not have prevailed and Ms. Almontaser would still be principal.

The DOE has publicly stated its commitment to the Khalil Gibran International Academy. It is clear that the loss of the school’s highly-regarded leader three weeks before the school was scheduled to open was not in the best interest of the school and is a great threat to its well-being. What is best for the school, and what will enable it to flourish, is for its founder and principal to continue in her role at the school.

Therefore, we call upon the DOE to invite Debbie Almontaser to resume her position as principal of KGIA and to provide the school with the support that it needs to ward off and respond to any attacks from the outside.

We call on all communities to stand with us in support of the Khalil Gibran International Academy and to oppose any manifestations of anti-Arab and anti-Muslim bigotry and hatred.

You can express your support as an endorser or sponsor: Just send an email to kgiasupport@gmail.com.


Coalition Sponsors

Organizational Endorsers Sign on by sending an email to kgiasupport@gmail.com.

  • Adalah-NY: Coalition for Justice in the Middle EastView Site
  • The African American Islamic Institute (AAII)
  • Al-Awda View Site
  • American Association of Yemeni Scientists and Professionals
  • The American Muslim Law Enforcement Officers Association View Site
  • The a-Rab Magazine, Berkeley, CA
  • Bay Ridges Neighbors for Peace
  • Brecht Forum
  • Brooklyn For Peace (formerly Brooklyn Parents for Peace) View Site
  • Brooklyn Green Party
  • CAAAV View Site
  • Chhaya CDC View Site
  • Coalition for Asian American Children and Families View Site
  • Committee for the Open Discussion of Zionism View Site
  • Council on American Islamic Relations, the New York Chapter (CAIR-NY) View Site
  • Council of Peoples Organization (COPO) View Site
  • DRUM-Desis Rising Up & Moving View Site
  • The December 12th Coalition
  • Ethical Action Commitee of the Brooklyn Society for Ethical Culture View Site
  • Greater Southern Brooklyn Health Coalition View Site
  • Harmonic Insurgence
  • Independent Commission on Public Education View Site
  • It Is Time
  • Jews Against the Occupation (JATO)
  • Jewish Voice for Peace View Site
  • Kolot Chayeinu/Voices of Our Lives, Brooklyn View Site
  • Las Trabajadores por La Paz
  • Make the Road by Walking View Site
  • Malcolm X Grassroots Movement, Oakland Chapter
  • MuslimMatters.org View Site
  • National Institute for Latino Policy View Site
  • New Black Panther Party for Self-Defense, NY
  • New York Collective of Radical Educators (NYCORE) View Site
  • The New York Immigration Coalition (NYIC)View Site
  • Paper Tiger TV CollectiveView Site
  • Parents in Action View Site
  • Pax Christi Metro New York (PCMNY)
  • Peoples MEDIA Center View Site
  • Sada: The Association of Yemeni Americans
  • Samba School for Social Justice Project View Site
  • The Shalom Center
  • Students for Justice in Palestine, UC Berkeley Chapter
  • Subjective Theatre Company View Site
  • Sunset Park Alliance of Neighbors
  • Teachers Unite View Site
  • War Resisters League
  • WESPAC FoundationView Site
  • Women of a Certain Age

Individual Endorsers Sign on by sending an email to kgiasupport@gmail.com. And, please provide us with whatever identifying information you are comfortable with (even if just City, State or Country)

Also see the over 100 people who signed our original Call for an Investivation.

Jim Abourezk, Former U.S. Senator, South Dakota
Jessica Adelsberg
Ujju Aggarwal, Center for Immigrant Families
Dohra Ahmad, Assistant Professor of English, St. John’s University
Faiza Ali
Alana Alpert, NY Jobs With Justice, NY
Beth Applegate, Concerned Citizen, Takoma Park, MD
Suzanne Andrews, Brooklyn, NY
Electa Arenal
Jacob Bender, documentary filmmaker, NYC
Dr. Dorothee Benz, Park Slope United Church
Naomi Bimgarden
Naomi Braine
Rev. Robert L. Brashear, Pastor, West-Park Presbyterian Church
Rabbi Marcelo Bronstein, Congregation B’nai Jeshurun
Rabbi Sharon Brous
Amy Fox Bryan
Elly Bulkin, New Jersey
Lisel Burns, Clergy Leader, Brooklyn Society For Ethical Culture
Leslie Cagan, National Coordinator, United for Peace and Justice
Martha Cameron, Concerned Citizen
Alexander D Carney
Lorraine Cohen, Professor of Sociology, LaGuardia Community College, City University of New York
Rabbi Rachel Cowan, Director, Institute for Jewish Spirituality
Lawrence Davidson, Professor of History, West Chester University
Roger Dennis
Sylvia A. Law, Elizabeth K. Dollard Professor of Law, Medicine and Psychiatry, NYU Law School
Carolyn Eisenberg, Brookyn For Peace
Dr. Joseph J. Fahey, Manhattan College
Catherine Farrell, Newton, MA former public school teacher
Leonard Fein
Rabbi Michael Feinberg, NYC
Rabbi Meir Feldman, Memphis, TN
Nina Felshin, curator, Zilkha Gallery, Wesleyan University
Doris Ferar-Roach, Boston, MA
Michelle Fine, Distinguished Professor of Psychology and Urban Education, The Graduate Center at CUNY
Elsa First, Director, Refugee and Immigrant Project, Child and Family Center, William Alanson White Institute
Alice Fisher, Member, Congregation B’nai Jeshurun
Judith Flamenbaum
Nathan Forouzan
Maddy Fox
Scarlett Fox
David Gerwin, Ansche Chesed
Kimberly S. George, Executive Director Greater Southern Brooklyn Health Coalition
Sabrina Gillespie
Gary Goff, Concerned Citizen
Deborah A. Gordon, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Center for Women’s Studies, Wichita State University
Susan Gluck, Hartford, CT
Andrea Gluckman
Tami Gold, Professor, Filmmaker, Hunter College
Rebecca Goldings
Priscilla Gonzalez, Center for Immigrant Families
Althea Goodison-Orr
Sherry Gorelick, Member, Jews for Racial and Economic Justice; graduate and parent of graduate of New York City public schools
Art Green, Rector, Hebrew College Rabbinical School
Cynthia Greenberg, Co-Chair, Jews for Racial & Economic Justice; Board member, Kolot Chayeinu/Voices of our Lives
Ellen Gruber Garvey, member JFREJ, AFT, and Kolot Chayeinu/Voices of Our Lives; parent of NYC public school graduates
Georgia Guida, Brooklyn, NY
Jim Gunning, New Jersey
Ellen Gurzinsky
Martin Haber, Teacher/ Teacher-Trainer, John Dewey High School, Brooklyn, NY
Samia Halaby, Al-Jisser
Beth Harris, Department of Politics, Ithaca College, Ithaca, NY
Yeuuda Haskelewltch
Aishah Hassan – Hamden, CT, USA
Aliza Hava, Singer/Songwriter
Caryn Helf
Jeanne Heifetz, Brooklyn Resident and Public-School Parent
Stanley Heller, Teacher and Unionist, Connecticut
Robert Hirschfield
Jane Hirschmann, Co-Chair, Time Out from Testing
Neal Hoffman, MD, Montefiore School Health Program, JFREJ Member
Peter Hogness
Deborah Howard, KGIA Design Team; Founder, Guiding Change Consulting View Site
Anne Istanbuli, Concerned Citizen
Abdeen Jabara
Kristen Jackson
Suad Jukaku
Marcia Kannry, Founder, The Dialogue Project
Kathe Karlson
Rama Kased, Arab Resource and Organizing Center
Michelle Kay, Jews for Racial and Economic Justice
Melanie Kay/Kantrowitz
Patricia Kerle, Concerned Citizen, Takoma Park, MD
Mona Khalidi
Rashid Khalidi
Katharine Kilbourn
Michael Klonsky, Director, Small Schools Workshop
Lauren Kollar, San Diego, CA
Erwin Kula, President, CLAL-National Jewish Center for Learning and Leadership
Sylvia A. Law, Elizabeth K. Dollard Professor of Law, Medicine and Psychiatry, NYU Law School
Nydia Leaf, Retired Educator
John Lehrer
Robert Lesko, Concerned Manhattan Resident and Member, AFT
Jacob Lester, College Student, Virginia
Alan Levine
Rabbi Joshua Levine-Grater, Pasadena, CA
Linda Levine, Bank Street Graduate Faculty
Laura Liben, NYC, Teaching Artist in the Public Schools
Sarah Lilly, teacher
Priscilla Lincoln
Anne Litwin, Boston, MA
Professor Zachary Lockman, New York University
Judith Loebl, member of Jews for Racial and Economic Justice; Brooklyn resident; UFT member and parent of children attending New York City public schools
Sunaina Maira, Associate Professor, University of California Davis
Holly Maguigan, Professor of Clinical Law, New York University School of Law
Rabbi Jeffrey Marker, Brooklyn, NY
Rabbi Rolando Matalon, Congregation B’nai Jeshurun
Ben Morone
Nkomo Morris, Concerned citizen and high school teacher Brooklyn, NY
Jon Moscow
Monami Mualik, DRUM-Desis Rising Up and Moving
Josh Nathan-Kazis
Monty Neill, Director, FairTest: The National Center for Fair & Open Testing
Donna Nevel, Center for Immigrant Families
Dr. Marcy Newman, Assistant Professor, Department of English, Boise State University
Lisa Outar, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of English, St. John’s University
David Osborne, Halifax, Nova Scotia
Rosemarie Pace, Ed.D., Middle Village, NY
Rabbi Michael Paley
Shweta Parmar
Imam Rashid Patch
Rita Pearl
Perla Placencia, Center for Immigrant Families
Brittany Porter, Educator
Steve Quester, UFT Chapter Leader
Joyce Ravitz, member JFREJ, UFT, and parent of NYC public school graduate
Jenson Reiser, 1st grade teacher, Brooklyn, NY
Beverly Rice
Natalia Rivera-O’Brien, Long Island Teacher
Jessica Rosenzwag
Kate B. Rouhana
Albert Ruben
Julie Ruben, Director, Left Forum
Rabbi Joanna Samuels
Toby Sanchez
Saurav Sarkar, London, UK
Jonathan Saul, Educator/Attorney, Brooklyn, N.Y.
Christine Schmidt
Joan Brodsky Schur, Educational Consultant, New York City
Claudia Setzer, Manhattan College
Laura Shapiro, NYC
Steve Shreefter, NYC Public School Teacher
Samuel M. Smith, Illinois
Rabbi Felicia Sol, Congregation B’nai Jeshurun
Rabbi Brent Chaim Spodek
Rabbi Mychal Springer, Associate Dean of the Rabbinical School, The Jewish Theological Seminary
Rym Terbeche, PhD Student, CUNY Graduate Center
Dr. Blair Thedinger, Kansas City, Kansas
Rachel Tore
Yaffa Vinikoor
Rabbi Melissa Weintraub, North American Director, Encounter
Rabbi Arthur Waskow
Terry Weber, UFT Chapter Chair, Urban Academy Laboratory High School
Rebecca Wenstrom, Brooklyn Public School Teacher
Kimtoya Williams, Concerned Brooklyn Parent
Bob Witanek, Founder of NJ Student Advocacy Union
Rachel Wofsy, Brooklyn High School Teacher
John J. Yanno, NYC, UFT teacher
Dorothy M. Zellner, Concerned Jewish resident of NYC
Diane L. Zimmerman, Law Professor, NYU

Note: We value all of those who have attached their names to this statement. Endorsement of this statement does not in any way indicate affiliation with or endorsement by the sponsors of this statement.


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